Sunday, May 15, 2016

Budd car

Budd car, view 1

Budd car, view 2

A relaxed view stereogram of a Budd car (also called a Buddliner or a Budd Rail Diesel Car) parked in the afternoon sun, waiting the next service run.  It is coupled with a passenger car.  These two 3d sets show the great depth that can be achieved with 3d photography.


  1. I like your 2nd view better, as it gives more depth to the 3d image. Both are great!

  2. I like how the clouds in the sky form lines.

  3. There are so many other lines in that photo - the rails, the stripes on the front of the car, the railroad ties, the side of the cars - they all go in different directions, yet they all seem harmonious.