Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Lincoln Capri details

Lincoln Capri trunk emblem
The keyhole to the trunk is hidden underneath the knights armor.  That piece of armor swings out of the way to reveal it.

Lincoln Capri taillight and backup light

The back up lights were not standard on the 1953 model; these was added as an after market item.  The taillight resembles the one on the 1962 model year Lincoln Continental.

Lincoln Capri side logo

Lincoln Capri hood ornament - three quarters view

More of this 1953 model year Lincoln Capri can be seen here.


  1. The rocket age is personified, on the front, by the hood ornament, and the age of chivalry by the crests on the side and rear.

  2. That is a cool mix of styles? The designers were looking forward, but some parts were still a bit with the past.