Monday, June 10, 2019

Between two poles

Rusty 28x28 cover

This 28 by 28 diamond pattern utility cover is located between two traffic signs in a much trafficked sidewalk.  Very few pedestrians walk in between the sign poles.  The lack of a constant and steady shoe shine has allowed the cover to reach a ruddy reddish rust state.

The cover ring was made by LeBARON FOUNDRY INC. and is further identified by the EJIW - MADE IN USA.  The LeBaron Foundry, founded in 1855, was located in Brockton, Massachusetts.  It was the primary supplier of manhole, catch basin, and sewer covers for the "Big Dig" in Boston.  The LeBaron Foundry was bought in late 2008 by the East Jordan Iron Works of East Jordan, Michigan, which had been founded in November, 1883.  The cover itself shows the EJ company logo, the corporate holder of those brands. 

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  1. Thanks for the touch of history along with the imagery.