Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Air vent cover

Vent cover with 24 holes

This 12 x 8 x 4 hole air vent cover was made by Weber and Hamilton.  They were a plumbing firm that performed sanitation, engineering, and contractor work.  They were located at 56-58 Hallett Street in Long Island City, which is now somewhere near 21st Street,  21st Drive, 21st Road, and 21st Avenue, but probably on 23rd Street.

At one time, they well known enough for them to place an ad in the section of the December 1, 1926 issue of "Variety" that congratulated Adolph Zukor on fifteen years in the motion picture industry.

Variety (issue dated Wednesday, December 1, 1926, page 134)

Hallett Street was in Queens in Long Island City Ward One:

Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page No. 10; Part of Long Island City Ward One

Across the top of the vent is:  "WEBER & HAMILTON, INC." and the bottom has  "PLUMBERS.".

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  1. Thanks for the sleuthery - interesting where one item leads to!