Friday, July 14, 2017

Grassy drain

Reflections on a cover

Looking down into the drain cover in the grass beneath our feet reveals a reflection of the cover.


  1. Cool. Sometimes I don't see things like this when I shoot the picture, only when I get home and begin to work on it, and have to go back and reshoot!

  2. I try to get it 'right' the first time? Mostly, because I try to get on film what it is that I see, and, while doing that, I look at different views. With this one, the cover in the grass was pretty cool - the grid against the randomness of the grass, the contrast in colors, etc., While composing that, looking down, I saw that there was a reflection. That made it even better - that surprise. Also, I usually don't want to go back, or cannot, or if I do, what I hoped would be there when I go back is no longer there.

    :-) Long answer to short question. :-)